Sunday, March 24, 2013

Walking in Memphis

We had made a special trip to Memphis for a very special book signing!! Another post on that later! I don't have Beiber fever I have Pioneer Woman fever!!

So while in Memphis we stayed with my cousin Jennifer. She is the hostest with the mostest to say the least. She spoiles us while we are on our "Jen Jen mini vaycays" She let me sleep in while she and Taylor went and picked up Mickey Dees breakfast! YUMMY! She knows the way to my heart:) THANK YOU JEN JEN!

Taylor before walking into the zoo!

All of the animals out in front had hearts on them. When I seen them it made me think of Cohen.

So.....she took us to the ZOO! I had not been in forever and Taylor had never been in his whole almost 4 years of life. He is such a monkey himself we were scared they would keep him..HAHA!

Taylor 1st trip to the zoo was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!! I love seeing his little face light up. He was very excited to see each animal and see how they walked around. He was most excited to see the giraffes. When we made it to them he stood there for about 2.3 seconds! They must not have impressed him!

We made it to the Polar Bear exhibit in time to watch them be fed. We also learned a litle about those pretty creatures! Taylor was so cute to watch as the Polar bears dove for a fish. Unfortunately the Polar bears didn't want to "Press Paws" like they normally do.

The Polar bear eating a fish Speaking of eating.....we can NEVER go anywhere without eating!! So we had a pit stop to grab a few snacks.

Yummy nachos

A few of my favorites:

Panda bear

Flamingos......pretty in pink


I could post tons more pictures but I will save more for another post. I got some great shot that I have plans for! Again another day...another post!

We ended the day with a warm yummy supper at McAlisters with a couple more of my cousins. Then we headed back to Crockett County and get ready for the week :( back to work is no fun!

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  1. Stacey I just love coming to your BLOg and seeing alll the good times and GREAT memories that you are making with your son,(my grandson). He is such a Special little boy to me. I just cannt help but looking into his big eyes and thinking back when he was just 2 weeks old, and how scared we were. He is just a Special Blessing to us and I love him so much.Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. Love you.Mom