Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Pioneer Woman

So.....I freakin met Ree Drummond aka THE PIONEER WOMAN!! And to only make it even better, her SUPER hottttt husband The Marlboro Man was there! Oh yeah!! I felt like a 10 year old girl meeting Justin Beiber or whatever that kids name is.

Me with my cookbook and book

She is beautiful, you hear me she is beautiful! She was so sweet to talk with each and every person that came to have their cookbook or other book signed. She even was sweet enough to smile 5837393 times for cameras. Her cheeks had to have been sore as heck with all that smiling! She was awesome period!

My wonderful cousin Jamie was soooo sweet to come hang out with me while I waited 5 hours to met her. Yep 5 hours! But I would have stood there 5 more hours to met that woman. While waiting Taylor and Cade, Jamie's little boy that she Nanny's for, played in the kids corner. I have never been to a Davis Kidd before but I fell in love with that place.

Here are a few pictures I snapped of Taylor playing.

Ok back to my woman....

She has inspired me to cook. And has taught me so many things in the kitchen. If you don't have her cookbook you should really really get one! Well worth every penny. She gives step by step picture instructions on how to make the dish. I learn way better if I see what I am suppost to be doing rather than just reading it. My husband has liked everything I have prepared from her cookbook or blog. I have taken a lot of dishes to family gatherings and of course they are a hit!

I was one happy woman! I was speechless...yes me speechless! I was like "Hey....I love your books"......I mean really! DUH I love her books. Oh well maybe she is still my BFF!

Here is her super HOTT hubby. He was a very proud hubby too. You could tell he was very proud of his wife. I told him he had an amazing wife and he said "I sure think so" sweet!!!

Me and The Marlboro Man

He was even sweet enough to sign my cookbook. There is a recipe called The MM Sandwich, that is where I had him sign :)

Taylor is going to be a MM one day. I sure hope he is as sweet as PW says he is in her new book. A true country gentleman.

I will frame this one for Taylor's room. I will explain one day who this is and why he is cool!

Maybe I haven't run you away with how crazy in love I am with The Pioneer Woman and The Marlboro Man. You seriously need her books! Go buy one and you will be crazy in love too!

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